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Applying and Interview through Talent Industry

Where do I go to learn more about Talent Industry’s interview process?

Visit Interviewing at Talent Industry to learn about each step of the application and interview process with us, from completing the online application to preparing for phone and in-person interviews.

What’s Talent Industry’s interview process and how do I get started?

It depends on the company where you are applying. The interview process will start from basic CV screening round following which there may be 2 to 3 rounds of interview.
The interview process could be in-person round of interview or virtual round of interview. Talent Industry team will guide you through the interview processes.

Do I have to upload my resume using a cloud service?

In an effort to support a more mobile-friendly experience, we’ve added the ability to upload your resume using cloud services. However, you still have the option to upload your resume from your device or share your resume over the email

Can I upload a resume and use my LinkedIn profile?

Applicants can use LinkedIn as an alternative to uploading a traditional resume during profile creation. Unfortunately, we only accept one resume per applicant at this time, so please select the option that works best for you.

When does my application move from Active to Archived?

An application is considered active as long as a final decision has not yet been made. If an applicant withdraws their application, is hired for a role, or is no longer under consideration, their application will be archived.

General Questions

Is it okay to get a job through consultancy?

It is crystal clear that the right consultancy will surely have quality information about all kinds of jobs. Here are a few benefits you will get after connecting with right consultancy like Talent Industry:
-You will get the chance to salary negotiation
-Great confidentiality
-Versatile professional representation
-Wide network
-Access to the job market
-Full job support
-Great options to get the pick from

What is a consultant to hire?

Consultants are specialists who provide expert advice to organizations or individuals. Firms hire them to diagnose, analyze, and devise strategic solutions for problems they either can’t or wouldn’t want to solve using in-house talent.

Is it better to get a job through consultancy?

By doing so, the job consultancies increase the chances of the candidate getting the job. They can discuss their issues and terms with their job consultants, who would, in turn, negotiate the term with their client company. Thus, job consultancies help job seekers in getting better job packages.

Does Talent Industry ask for money?

Note that genuine recruiters do not ask for money to schedule interviews or offer a job. If you are receiving such calls or emails, beware as this might be a job scam.
If anyone from talent industry is demanding money prior to placement or demanding money after the placement then report the person to us and we will make sure that strict action is taken against the employee. Click here to report.

What is the difference between talent acquisition and agency?

As an agency recruiter, you can pick and choose the jobs you want to work on or work harder on. Talent Acquisition (TA) are issued with a list of roles and they need to be filled and they won’t be filled by your competitor or your team mate, they will sit on your desk until you find the right person.

Is it possible to get a job as a fresher?

You must understand one thing, there are certain job postings that demand the need for experienced people. But not the entire system wants only them. Initially, freshers are in the training stage. And so, the recruiters will check whether the fresher is willing and able to understand new concepts without struggling.

Is getting a job as a fresher hard?

For every posting of fresher-specific job role, employers end up wanting someone with a little experience anyway. So, how do you overcome this paradox of an ‘experienced fresher’? It is not an impossible feat, and you can take certain steps to get a job without any prior professional experience. Contact our team with expreienced professionals to get the best offers from companies.