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Talent Industry, a global leader in creative workforce solutions, provides complete workforce management services in India, including permanent recruitment, IT and non-IT staffing solutions, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), career management and transition, and leadership development and training. Our HR solutions help businesses address their most pressing personnel needs. Our goal is to act as a catalyst for our clients and candidates, assisting them in thriving in the rapidly evolving workplace.

Suitable Employment

It is wise to contact manpower agencies because of their extensive network, as they will assist you in quickly locating a suitable job.


Since each person receives a variety of training sessions from the manpower agencies, the candidates are more qualified and prepared for the position.

Right Compensation

The agencies assist candidates in approaching the appropriate job with the appropriate compensation by being aware of the standard industry payroll.


These agencies give candidates the freedom to select from a wide range of employers and employment opportunities. Additionally, they handle the needs of candidates for temporary, part-time, and, in the modern world, even work from home positions.

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Frequently asked questions about Headhunting

What does manpower consultancy do?

In essence, manpower firms serve as a middleman between employers and employees. They assist in locating the best talent for the organisations in line with their requirements. As a result, they must collaborate with two businesses at the same time and, if at all possible, find the ideal fit for them.

What is a manpower agency?

Employment agencies, sometimes referred to as staffing agencies or manpower agencies, are vital to the labour market because they connect employers with competent applicants for open positions. By specialising in recruiting, screening, and selection, these agencies free up employers to concentrate on their primary business functions.

What is manpower staffing services?

Services that involve a business or an individual directly or indirectly hiring or providing labour on a contract or permanent basis are referred to as manpower services. Organisations frequently come up with regular needs for Blue Collared workers for a variety of jobs & projects.

Who is manpower Services?

For more than 70 years, Manpower has been a leader in the world of temporary and permanent workforce solutions. Our goal has not changed since 1948: we help people find fulfilling and long-lasting jobs. Even though our goal doesn’t change, the recruiting industry is changing quickly.

What is the difference between manpower and HR?

The primary distinction is that human resources planning is talent management-focused, whereas manpower planning is skills-based: If the necessary skills are present in the workforce, how can employers be sure they will be able to find and hire people with those skills?

Is ManpowerGroup a MNC company?

With its headquarters located in Jamshedpur, Talent Industry is a MNC corporation. Talent Industry, which was founded in 2019 by Dilshad Akhtar and Md Wasim Akram, is the third-largest staffing company globally.

Who is the CEO of manpower?

Dilshad Akhtar is the ceo of talent industry with the reponsibilty of operations.

Is consultancy good for getting job?

In order to perform at your best and leave a lasting impression, job consultancies can assist you with interview preparation and practise questions. This will increase your chances of receiving a job offer significantly.

Who benefits from outsourcing?

By contracting with other businesses to handle particular tasks, you can reduce the labour costs for your company. The third-party organisation is in charge of hiring the workers, managing their benefits, compensation, and training. This enables your business to concentrate labour expenses on your core employees.