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Frequently asked questions by clients

Recruiting methods FAQ: A guide to terms and strategies

If I submit hiring requiements, am I committed to something?

No, you have made no commitments at all. We are subject to the following: no cure, no pay. Payment doesn’t begin until the new hire has put in real time at work. Unable to locate a qualified applicant? Then there is no payment.

Can I register all profiles online?

Of course, yes! Any profile you’re looking for can be registered with us. We make sure you get personalised guidance for each new position.

Why should I request a call back?

Please fill out the “request to call back form” if you would like more information about the staffing services we provide, how we can meet your staffing and talent needs, or if you are unsure of how to proceed. A representative will get in contact with you to better understand your business needs and direct you towards our solutions.

Who will connect with me once I request a call back?

One of our SMEs, who are knowledgeable about your sector, will get in touch with you after reviewing your request.

How soon will I hear back from you once I submit my request?

Ideally, a callback should occur within one business day.

Is it possible for me to select a time for the callback?

In the space provided for comments at the conclusion of the form, you can specify the time period you like. It is crucial to remember that agent availability and business working hours determine whether the specified time slot is available. If it is possible, we will try our best to satisfy your preferences.

I would like a callback, but it’s after business hours.

You can, indeed. Nevertheless, the reaction ultimately hinges on our resources’ availability.

What if I miss the call back?

In most cases, we will try calling you again if you don’t answer. Additionally, we’ll send you an email later with more details on what to do. If you don’t get a call back after your first effort, you might need to try again.

When submitting a vacancy, is it possible for me to attach extra documents or files?

You can, indeed. The form includes a section for attaching documents.

I already know what I need, and I have all the information I need. Must I still fill out this form?

Yes, however if you already know what you need, you can apply for a position by filling out this form instead.